Diana Antara grew up in Germany and had a special liking for music already in early life , playing classical music on several instruments .
In her teenage life she met Michel Montecrossa and in 1992 joined his Band The Chosen Few.

Fascinated by Electronica she had now the chance to fully develop her musical yearnings in this field and grew into a keyboard and programming expert.

She has also developed her own style of singing, writing  and performing great original songs and instrumentals for concerts and also for movies.
Not limited to music alone Diana’s scope of creativity also embraces painting, writing and movie-making.
Being an integral part of Michel Montecrossa’s Cyberrock Journey Diana Antara too is constantly evolving new ways of expression and new styles of performance.
Together with Michel Montecrossa and the other Band members Mirakali, Mercedes Star, David Butterfield and Artis Aldschalis she is living in the vivifying and powerfully inspiring creative environment of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy, which was founded by Michel Montecrossa.
One can experience Diana Antara live during the Michel Montecrosa Concerts during every year.
Her Music is released by Mira Sound Germany , her books by Mirapuri – Verlag

and her movies by Filmaur Multimedia.
Her CDs and DVDs, books and Cyberart are available at
For dates of upcoming concerts go to
Her new movies are presented every year during the

Mirapuri International Free Cinema Festival and her books and Cyberart during the annual Mirapuri-World-Literature-Fest.
A great opportunity to experience Diana Antara’s live music is the famous Spirit of Woodstock Festival at Mirapuri which takes place every year in July/August during 10 days.