Some Songs by Diana Antara at  the Michel Montecrossa “Love,Peace & Happiness”  Concert Tour 2015

Song ” Time of our Life ” at the ” 2015 Girl ” Concert


Song ” The Big We ” at the ” Love,Peace & Happiness” Concert


Song ” Living the Moment ” at the “Big Love, Big Peace ” Concert


Song ” In your Heart ”


Song ” Best Part of Life ” at the ” Lebensgeschichte ” Concert


The Song  ” Love of my Heart ” from “Born to Love ” Audio CD dedicated to all children in the world


Song ” Tender Heart ” at the ” Love the World As She Is Loving You ” Concert


Song ” The Power That Unites ” at the Love & Sweetness World ” Concert


Song ” Hold on! ” from the Born To Love CD


Song ” Children of the Earth ” recorded at the “Who is the Future ? ” Concert

Born To Love, Booklet.indd

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Diana Antara’s original songs are available as song – collections like ‘ Born To Love ‘ and the legendary german Diana Antara production ‘ Aufruhr ‘.

All Diana Antara original songs are continiously released on the Concert productions which she performs together with Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few available on Audio – CD , DVD and as download.

For the complete list of Concert Audio CDs, DVDs and downloads click here.

List of recent concerts with Diana Antara Songs

“Lebensgeschichte – Story of Life ” Concert

“2015 Girl” Concert

Love,Peace & Happiness New Year Concert 2015

Grosse Liebe, Grosser Frieden – Big Love , Big Peace

Die Grosse Gauting Party

Liebe & Herzlichkeitskraft – Love & Sweetness Power Concert

Schmusen & Lachen – Huggin’ & Kissin’ Concert

Fusion World of Love & Sweetness Concert

Sweet Lovefest Concert

Love & Sweetness World Concert

Love & Sweetness Climate Change Tour 2014

‘The Soul Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert

‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’ Concert

‘Kisses From The Spirit Of Woodstock 2014 ‘ Festival

‘Wonderworld Of Love & Sweetness ‘ Concert

‘Let’s Work With Love & Sweetness’ Concert

‘The Road Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert

‘Love & Sweetness Now ! ‘ Concert

‘Carnival Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert

‘Romance Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert

‘Love & Sweetness New Year 2014 ‘ Concert

‘Good Music Is What I Give’ Concert